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Original Paintings in Oil and Acrylic by Tauni

This page contains a few of my favorite paintings from my artistic journey.  Check back often as I will continue to add photos of my new paintings.  

Some paintings are available for purchase and some will serve to inspire you with ideas for your own custom painting. 

Preserve memories of special people and places for a lifetime,

by allowing me to create a custom painting from your own photos of family or travels to treasured places.    

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Fall Tranquil Path

Fall version of Tranquil Path After the Rain.

Portrait of WV Friends – NFS

There is a special story of how I met this awesome couple. Refer to my painting of the Veteran’s Memorial in Marmet, WV.

Ohio Barn

After my return to painting, I again found inspiration from a video lesson with artist Wilson Blickford while honing my painting skills. I added the flowers and the “Ohio Art” on the barn, to make it “mine”. I had many Day Trips that summer and saw many of these “Ohio Barns” throughout our travels.

Uncle John – NFS

This painting was created from two different photos. One, of my Uncle John the other of his dog and Grandson.  Both were shot from the same vantage point, 15 years apart.

Kinkade Tribute Ice Skating – NFS

This was one of my early pieces. I absolutely loved the work of Thomas Kinkade and   enjoyed honing my skills while trying to copy this painting of his. It reminds me of simpler times, when my brothers and I would go skating on the local pond. So of course this had to be a gift to one of my brothers.

Tranquil Path After the Rain

After a series of life-altering events and a very long stretch without painting, I decided to pick up a brush again and turned on an old video of Bill Alexander.  That moment started me back on a path of discovery & inspiration for art and painting. This is the painting from that video.

Reflections – NFS

This painting was from a Robert Warren workshop on Figure painting. We were experimenting with the “painterly” style and it was a fun challenge to learn to leave things “undone”.

Boats Ashore in Maine

This oil painting was completed as a part of my very first Robert Warren workshop. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to train with such a talented instructor and Artist. This painting experience taught me a whole new technique and I embraced the challenge with each new project.

John Weiss Tribute – NFS

This painting is a Tribute to John Weiss. My mother mailed me a small 2 x 2 in. photo of his painting from a magazine and asked if I could paint this for her. Of course….who would ever say No, to your mother? It turned out to be one of my most favorite paintings and her prized possession. Once again…I owe thanks to Robert Garden for his input and advice.

Portland Head Lighthouse – NFS

I painted this for my aunt and uncle who collect lighthouse memorabilia. I’m thrilled for one of my pieces to be among their collections.

Doctor’s Down-time – NFS

As a thank-you to my wonderful Dentist, who got me though a difficult tooth situation, I painted him participating in his favorite hobby.  His nurses provided the reference photo.  Oil painting on a 12×16 Gessoboard panel.

Cabin and Dock at Sunset – NFS

Although I patterned this painting after a Thomas Kinkade painting, I added many little hidden touches that were special to my brother and his wife.

Mother’s Love for All – NFS

The oil painting is a composition from two different photos. One of my mother and one of the deer.  Yes, she would feed both birds and deer in her yard.  She had a special love for all!

Down by the River – NFS

This oil painting is of my brother and his wife taken from a photo of them at the river where they are members of a boat club.

Beech Trees w/ Falling Leaves – NFS

Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s painting of Beech Trees, to which I was introduced by my very talented daughter-in-law.

Tribute to Thomas Kinkade – NFS

This was my very first oil painting outside of a class or workshop. I could not have done this without the help of an incredible art teacher, Robert Garden. Robert took a 41 year old lady who had never painted with oils (or any type of painting medium) and he inspired & encouraged me, through many lessons of frustration. I will always be indebted to Robert and Susan Garden for all they’ve poured into me over the years.


This painting was completed as part of a Robert Warren workshop. It was my first try at a figure study and the “painterly” style. I was forced to explore the “loose” side of painting. I’m thankful for the experience and I’m better for it.

English Garden & Cottage – NFS

This painting was created for my great aunt who had requested a “Spring” painting. (This painting was inspired by a backyard storage shed that the owner had created to look like an English Cottage). My Aunt only got to enjoy it a few short months, but it now holds a special place with her family. I’m glad I had a chance to play a small part in bringing her joy in her final days.

Bill’s Barn

Bills’s Barn…

Veteran’s Memorial in Marmet, WV – NFS

On the way back home to Ohio from NC, we stopped for gasoline in Marmet, West Virginia. By unknowingly hitting the trunk button, my paintings flew out of the car without our knowledge until we got home. It’s an amazing story, but I give praise to the Lord, because the paintings were recovered and ultimately returned to me. I painted this for J. Walker as a “Thank You” for returning my paintings and to honor the Veteran’s Memorial he founded.  He and his wife are wonderful people and I’m blessed to know them.

Christmas Time

Christmas Time…

Original Paintings in Oil and Acrylic by Tauni Alltop