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Visual expressions evoking an emotional journey


Original Paintings in Oil and Acrylic by Tauni

About Tauni Alltop

I’ve always had a passion for expressing my creative side, whether music, art or business, I love to take an idea and see it come to life. Although I did not start painting until I was 41 years old, I have always had my hand in things that involved being creative. From ceramics to macramé to airbrushing & nail art…yes, I even made those paper earrings that were so popular in the late 80’s. If it involved being creative….I wanted to learn.

My first memory of a desire for “fine art” was as a pre-teen. My grandmother had purchased a sketchpad and charcoal for me and I drew a picture of a large black panther statue she had standing under her sofa table. I was constantly doodling and sketching, but I was so consumed with music, which was my first passion, I never took the initiative to explore my desire to paint.

Finally, after graduating from college (on the 23 year plan), I had the opportunity to take some time off and explore new interests.  I started taking classes with Robert Garden (robertgardenart.com) at a local recreation center in Bedford Texas. I always thought I would enjoy painting, but I didn’t realize just how much until that first class.  Robert had an upcoming Instructor’s Training scheduled and I was all in!

That started my journey of discovering art with two amazing teachers. Robert & Susan Garden didn’t just show you how to paint, they told you WHY you were doing what you were doing. They explained the theory of color and design. They walked me through all the mistakes. I seriously think sometimes, I learned more from having to “fix” something or “remove” paint and make corrections, than I did from applying paint. Of course, I had lots of practice with corrections (…and still do). LOL!

 As life often does, it got busy. I didn’t paint as much as I would have liked to, but I continued with a few classes and private lessons each year. My company booked the “Painting at Sea” cruises for Robert & Susan Garden and of course, I “had to” escort those. They are SO MUCH FUN!!!

The next phase of my art journey took place in Ohio. After several life-changing events, my husband and I decided to make a move back to Ohio where most of my family is located. I was extremely fortunate to find out that Robert Warren, a very gifted and well-known Artist, was located only minutes away in Canal Winchester.

My training with Robert Warren opened my eyes to an entirely new approach to painting and I built on the foundational skills I had learned over the past 14 years. I am thankful for the many different artists with whom I’ve had the privilege to cross paths. I believe if we have an attitude of growth and seek to develop excellence in all we do, we will always find someone or something we can learn from. I am in a constant state of learning!

I continue to nurture this God-given passion I have for art. To find new ways to express the emotions I feel when I see the beauty of all the Lord has created. I love being able to create something for others, that brings them joy when they see it; an inspiration or perhaps a legacy to pass on.

I’m excited to share this part of myself with others and I will continue to tell my stories on canvas for all who desire to “listen”.

Come back often to share in my journey!

Original Paintings in Oil and Acrylic by Tauni Alltop