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Heirloom Paintings

Creating beauty from a glimpse into the story of your life.

What is an Heirloom Painting?

Heirloom paintings are often works of art that connect on an emotional level with the viewer and are valued as something special to be a passed on to their family for generations to come. 

These are paintings that could reflect times gone by, a special someone in their life or a favorite location such as a vacation destination or summer home. 

The painting may be created from multiple photos to combine one beautiful painting composition or it may be from an arranged photography session, to create the desired image and mood for the artwork.

What will Your Heirloom artwork be?

“As I nurture this God-given passion I have for art, I find new ways to express the emotions I feel when I see the beauty of all the Lord has created.” – Tauni Alltop

How do I Commission Artwork?

It’s easy!

It begins with a conversation.

You will answer a few simple questions which will assist you in conveying your desires and help us understand your vision for the piece. This allows us to create a work of art that will be uniquely yours.

Original Photo

Original Commissioned Painting